Future-proof risk management

Insights for risk reduction at your construction sites

Sustainable groundwater management is needed to secure reliable water supplies, protect the environment, and safeguard human health.

Industrial construction activities often pose significant risks. Dewatering operations, necessary for construction, can alter groundwater levels and flow, potentially spreading soil and groundwater contaminants.

We provide real-time insights into groundwater dynamics at construction sites. This allows you to take immediate action to preserve groundwater, reduce contamination risks and protect the surrounding areas.

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Reduce risks & deliver on time

Incorporating groundwater monitoring into project planning allows for better risk assessment and management, leading to more efficient resource allocation and reduced unexpected costs.

Monitor permit requirements

By measuring groundwater dynamics and contaminant transport we gather the insights you need to monitor permit requirements.

Detect risks early

By enabling early detection of pollution we can stop further contamination spread, thereby reducing your overall project costs and risks.

Deliver on time

By enabling early detection of pollution we can stop further contamination spread, thereby reducing your overall project costs and risks.

Our insights improve your groundwater management


Sensing Solutions

With our Sensing Solutions we integrate leading commercial sensors and company data with iFLUX Sensors, creating the most effective real-time digital monitoring network available.


Our iFLUX Samplers measure groundwater dynamics and contamination fluxes, providing the insights needed to protect your vital drinking water resources, reduce risks, and consequently lower costs.

We combine the best sensors on the market

iFLUX Sensing Solutions to provide real-time insights in your groundwater dynamics

The iFLUX Sensing Solutions combine the optimal third-party sensors with iFLUX’s patented flux sensors, unlocking the full spectrum of the groundwater flow (flux) and dynamics at your extraction site.

This groundwater monitoring network translates secured data into concrete, real-time insights on your personalized dashboard. Public and company-specific data can be easily integrated into the dashboard, making it possible to analyze and interpret your data, resulting in actionable insights.

Integrable third-party sensors types:

  • Water level sensors,
  • quality sensors (conductivity, nitrate, hydrocarbons, ...),
  • soil moisture,
  • meteo stations.

How Dunea monitors its ground watershed for optimal extraction volumes

Case study

Multi-level sampling to determine the migration risk of BTEX contaminants

Protect your extraction zones from nearby contamination threats

iFLUX Samplers

Measuring mass flux

Ensuring high-quality (ground)water is a top priority for every water utility. It is therefore crucial to identify the type, source, speed, direction, and overall volume of any contaminants that are transported via the groundwater to effectively manage and mitigate potential water quality issues reaching your extraction zones. 

Challenging Conventional Methods

Conventional methods to assess soil contamination rely on a limited number of direct measurements which provide a ‘snap-shot time’. This implies substantial uncertainties which can lead to remediation failures and high costs for contaminated site owners.

Customizable and Modular

Our system is easy to use and can be customized to all well sizes. It allows measurements of varying compounds over time at various depths, simultaneously.


Sampler cartridges are available for PFAS, organics, heavy metals, oils, nutrients, pesticides, 1.4 dioxane, as well as waterflux.

Reduce risks and deliver your construction project on time

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