Mission Driven.
Purpose Lead.

Real-world impact

Every day we work towards a more resilient, healthy future. 

Expert team

Grow your skills and enjoy your work with great, colleagues that are experts in their field.

Ready for scale

iFLUX is backed by leading venture capital firms such as PureTerra, PMV and V2Hfin. 

Groundbreaking technology

iFLUX's patented solutions are at the forefront of groundwater technology. 

Become the world authority on groundwater dynamics

iFLUX is an innovative scale-up focused on groundwater monitoring and management solutions. Our mission is to safeguard both the quality and quantity of groundwater resources.

Through innovative technologies and a data-driven approach, we empower communities and industries to make informed decisions for sustainable groundwater usage. Utilizing our patented groundwater sensors and IoT networks, coupled with intelligent algorithms, we deliver actionable insights through visualization and business applications.