Overtime measurements of pollution spread

iFLUX Samplers

Recommended for complex groundwater projects

Flux measurements provide useful information about what is happening underground. They enable us to measure how much (mass) pollution moves and how fast pollution moves with groundwater.

These types of measurements are mainly used for integrity monitoring, optimisation of the remediation design, providing evidence and determining the direction & speed for groundwater management.

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For whom?

What to expect

We deliver clear tables and visualizations of the pollutant flux in groundwater. Environmental experts can directly use these reliable data to determine the dispersion risks and further elaborate on the remediation case.

Quality of decision

Enhance decision-making in remediation projects with clearer, reliable data, leading to significant cost savings.

Groundwater expertise

As a trusted partner, we provide valuable insights into groundwater contamination flow, laying a solid base for subsequent calculations and models.

Reduce risk & time

We equip environmental experts and consultants with essential data to make to most effective project decisions.

What makes the iFLUX Sampler so unique

With iFLUX samplers we simultaneously monitor the water flow velocity (‘waterflux’) and the contaminant spreading (‘Compound flux’) in groundwater.

The key innovation of iFLUX is situated in the self-developed, validated and patented cartridges. iFLUX delivers several types of cartridges:

Water flux cartridges

The water flux cartridge contains a set of water soluble resident tracers that independently leach into the groundwater according to the flow conditions.

Compound cartridges

The compound cartridge contains pre-processed sorbents that capture the pollutants of interest. The contaminant fluxes in the groundwater are being determined through adsorption and recovery processes.

Each type of cartridge contains a different type of sorbent. The following compound cartridges are commercially available at the moment:

    • (Volatile) Organic Compounds (VOCs, BTEX, PAHs,...)
    • Nutrients (nitrate, phosphate, ammonium,...)
    • Heavy metals (nickel, zinc, copper,...)
    • PFAS
    • ...


iFLUX Case study

PFAS Remediation Design for Fire Training Site

 Discover how iFLUX tackles PFAS contamination with innovative design solutions to prevent spread and ensure groundwater treatment success.

Unique patented technology

Current monitoring relies on water levels and snap shot concentrations while flow and pollution fluxes are the missing link, responsible for the highest uncertainties in modelling predictions and future scenarios. That is why iFLUX developed their own patented technologies for measuring groundwater fluxes.

The Passive Flux Meter, that can be installed in existing monitoring wells, measures groundwater and mass fluxes of over 127 contaminants over a period of time.

The iFLUX solutions reduce response times, anticipate pollution and prevent related risks of both contamination and drought.


The iFLUX sampler has been designed to tightly fit in the monitoring well. The permeable cartridge wall brings the contaminated groundwater in direct contact with the sorbents. By performing targeted flux measurements in different monitoring wells, you are able to get an accurate image of the discharge over a complete area.

Conventional measuring techniques

Conventional concentration measurements provide a snapshot of a contamination situation at a specific location and time.

Simulations based on groundwater level measurements aim to predict flow, but without directly measuring water or pollutant flux, this approach may lack precision and reliability.
Flux measurements, on the other hand, deliver more accuracy. iFLUX Samplers give more certainty about which contaminants are present in the groundwater, how they behave and at what velocitiy they move.

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