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Delivering data-driven solutions for managing groundwater resources effectively


What we stand for.

Our Core Values: The Pillars of Our Excellence

Delivering the 'Eureka' experience

At iFLUX, we're committed to providing unmatched, data-driven groundwater insights previously thought impossible. Our expert team uses third-party sensors, our patented hardware to offer a real-time dashboard that uncovers groundbreaking revelations. We simplify complex data into actionable knowledge, enabling our customers to make informed decisions and achieve groundbreaking outcomes.

Down to earth, Fact-driven

We view our customers as valued partners, jointly exploring the possibility without resorting to empty promises.

We are dynamic

We do more than map groundwater dynamics; we're dynamic in every way, ready to meet our customers' unique challenges.

Do good for people and water

At the core of iFLUX is our commitment to do good. We aim to protect our vital groundwater resources, pivotal for the global climate. This by developing solutions for accurate, real-time groundwater management. Our goal is a world where businesses thrive in harmony with nature.


Future-proof groundwater management solutions in uncertain and dynamic times

iFLUX is a spin-off, based on many years of research by Goedele Verreydt, postdoctoral researcher at the University of Antwerp and VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research). She is the inventor of the iFLUX technology.

The past years Goedele lead a team of researchers and product developers in the field of groundwater contamination and soil remediation. She is the author of several scientific publications in this field. With its comprehensive service for flux monitoring, iFLUX focuses on environmental experts who oversee soil remediation projects.

In 2023, iFLUX received a capital investment of € 2M from investment bureau PureTerra Ventures, PMV and V2Hfin.

Our team

Meet the minds behind our insights

Christian Montag
Managing Director

As managing director, I’m rolling up my sleeves to bring iFLUX into the next phase of impact and growth.

Goedele Verreydt
Chief Technical Officer & co-founder

As the inventor and inspirer of iFLUX technology and expert in the field of flux measurements for soil and groundwater contamination, I have a passion for flux measurements and research.

Jorne Delforge
Operations Director

As Operations Director I am accountable for the flawless execution of all our monitoring projects. Next to that I enable continuous innovation within our R&D team and try to support all teams within iFLUX wherever I can.

Joost Verhaard - Head of Marketing-1-1
Joost Verhaard
Head of Marketing

As head of Marketing, my role is to steer our Marketing initiatives toward meaningful objectives. We are committed to raising awareness about the significance of groundwater in our everyday lives. At iFLUX, we are pioneers in groundwater monitoring technology, offering unprecedented control over its behavior for the very first time.

Ellen Bogaert
Head of Communications & sales development

In times where climate change is high on the agenda, iFLUX has an exceptionally strong and sustainable story to tell. It is my duty to convey this message with great enthusiasm to customers and partners every day, thereby creating even more impact for people and the planet.

Monica Finaal

Monica Duerinck

Office Manager

As office manager for iFLUX, I manage a wide and different package of tasks; Facility, Fleet, HR, Travel, General support... All with a big heart.

Marjan Joris
Account Manager

I am a geologist by education and fascinated by the processes in the subsurface. As an account manager, I look for solutions for you and help determine how flux measurements can be an added value. My technical background in environmental consultancy comes in handy here.

Jeroen November
Hydrogeologist - Business Development

As a hydrogeologist with more than 20 years of experience in groundwater management in the Flemish government, I am now happy to put that strength to use at iFLUX as a business developer and join you in your search for better insights into groundwater dynamics.

Erik Bosmans
Environmental expert soil and groundwater

I am Project Manager and thus guide our customers from A to Z to a successful iFLUX project. After 15 years of experience in remediation projects, I speak the language of our customers.


Timothy De Kleyn

Project Manager Sensing

I reinforce the iFLUX team as project manager sensing, where I am responsible for the planning, execution and closing of sensor-related projects in an efficient way. 


Alexia Leyssens

Research and Development Engineer

After my master's degree in water sustainability, I started working at iFLUX. There I am involved in the development and validation of the real-time sensors.


Nathan Van der Auwera

Software Engineer

As a software engineer, my focus is on making the iFLUX data and apps working as intuitively as possible for our customers.


Maxim Sysmans

Labo- en Field Engineer

At iFLUX, my role as a lab and field engineer focuses on leveraging my expertise to ensure precision and efficiency throughout the iFLUX Sampler installation process. I'm dedicated to meticulous preparation and support for our Sampler projects, upholding excellence across all operations.


Olivier Goolenaers

R&D Engineer

I strengthen the iFLUX team as a sensor engineer, where I am responsible for the development, production and additional tasks involved in the installation of the sensors.


Niels Van Putte

Data Scientist

As a data scientist within the R&D team at iFLUX, I make sure we get the most out of our sensor data.

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