Steadily building on the iFLUX success story

Posted on Friday 29 june 2018

The iFLUX story continues to be written prosperously. After eight months as a full-fledged start-up, we can look back on a series of successful events and we eagerly look ahead to what the future will bring us.

As a dynamic start-up in the field of environmental management and soil remediation, iFLUX walked a beautiful road over the past years. After a two-year incubation period, we started eight months ago as a spin-off of VITO and the University of Antwerp. We settled in the Darwin Incubator in Niel’s Science Park, where they have all facilities necessary to make our start-up grow. As an enthusiastic and industrious team, looking for expansion, we had a successful launch with about twenty projects, mostly in Flanders but also in France, The Netherlands and Finland.

With the goal to make iFLUX bigger in Flanders, Europe and the rest of the world, we are looking at the future to continue growing. We want to show more people that our technology to determine the speed and direction of groundwater flow and contamination makes remediation projects faster and more efficient, while bringing the overall cost down. That way we want to integrate flux measuring as the standard for sustainable and efficient soil management.

On the 7th of December 2017 we introduced ourselves and our partners at the iFLUX opening reception in Niel. In case you could not be there or you want to refresh your memory, definitely watch the aftermovie here.