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Groundwater: A resource worth protecting

Groundwater constitutes just 0.65% of Earth's water, yet it's our main source of freshwater, with 99% of the planet's liquid freshwater hidden underground. It’s a finite and invaluable resource, which is under systematic pressure from several factors:

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Unpredictability of groundwater

Our groundwater resources are facing relentless stress, leading to their unpredictable nature and rendering conventional measurement techniques outdated.

Climate Change

Climate change is intensifying dry periods, preventing adequate groundwater recharge during wet periods.

Rising Sea Level

Rising sea levels are pushing saltwater further inland underground, posing challenges for coastal farmers and freshwater supplies.


Contamination has rendered many accessible groundwater reserves unsuitable for consumption.

Growing Usage

Increasing industrial use and population growth continue to drive up the demand for groundwater.

How does it work?

iFLUX Sensing Solutions integrates a variety of sensors with its exclusive Vertical and/or Horizontal flux sensors, uniquely measuring groundwater flow's speed and direction (flux) in real-time, providing real, evidence-based insights into groundwater behavior.

Real-time Groundwater Monitoring Network

iFLUX installs monitoring networks that measure the movement of groundwater systems in real-time using telemetrically connected sensors. They combine various commercially available sensors with their unique and patented Vertical and Horizontal flux sensors, which are the world's only sensors capable of real-time measurement of both the speed and direction (flux) of groundwater flow, both horizontally and vertically.

Our networks deliver real-time insights for the optimization of your groundwater-related activities. From on-site installation to comprehensive dashboarding for actionable insights, iFLUX takes full responsibility for your digital groundwater network's implementation.


Get "Eureka" insights

Combine your preferred telemetrically connected sensors with iFLUX real-time flux sensors. 

iFLUX's dashboard provides data-driven insights into the full picture of your water system, and the factors that influence its dynamics.

Our dashboard includes publicly available data (ie: weather, tidal movements), client-specific process data (ie: pumping speeds, infiltration volumes), site-specific characterizations (ie: ground composition) and integrates the sensors that will give you the data you need to better manage your system.

  • Water level
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • PH
  • Oxygen level
  • Nitrate
  • Weather stations
  • Soil moisture
  • iFLUX’s patented Horizontal and Vertical flux sensors

How iFLUX enables Dunea to optimize their groundwater management




Unique patented technology

Current monitoring relies on water levels and snap shot concentrations while flow and pollution fluxes are the missing link, responsible for the highest uncertainties in modelling predictions and future scenarios. That is why iFLUX developed their own patented technologies for measuring groundwater fluxes.

Our flux sensor technology is the newly developed groundwater sensing probe which monitors in low-flow conditions. The data from this sensor is then combined with water level data, infiltration rates and/or pollution measurements to give valuable insights to customers. The ability to detect in real-time groundwater fluxes in a range of 1-500 cm/day to depths of +50m, multidirectional, makes it unique in the market. 


Drinking Water

Future-proof groundwater management for optimal water quality.

Water utilities that implement monitoring networks to digitalize their most important capacity buffer – groundwater - benefits from precise real-time data and insights into their groundwater systems. This leads to:

  • Vastly increased catchment area security
  • Safe volume growth and improved quality through beter understanding of retention times
  • Operational cost reductions
  • Real-time date for optimal calibration of groundwater models.

Infrastructure and Construction

State-of-art risk management

Providing proof that the measures taken to perform activities responsibly are effective, and the insights to ensure they stay that way over time and through changing circumstances. Helping to minimize effects on surrounding water levels and avoid the spread of contaminants.


Nature Reserves

Preserve natures habitat with controlled watersheds.

Giving insights into the real and often hidden dynamics of our natural hydrogeological systems, and how adjustments can be made  to optimize circumstances for nature to thrive, at minimal cost.


Urban Areas

Well-balanced groundwater management for city areas

Helping urban area managers and regional governments understand how to keep their cities from drying out or flooding as weather events become more extreme, and quantifying the effects of measures that are being taken.


Discover the true nature of your groundwater movements

Let's get in touch to discuss your groundwater challenge in see how iFLUX will help you unlock its condition.