iFLUX strengthens collaboration with SGS - check the complete list of flux analyses here

Posted on Thursday 17 May 2018

In close collaboration with lab partner SGS, iFLUX optimized the validation technique of the different iFLUX analysis packages over the past months. Together we managed to elevate the recovery level above 95%, so that we can offer qualitative flux measuring. Besides validated analysis packages for VOCL, BETX, PAKs and heavy metals, we are currently researching flux analyses for PFOS/PFAS, cyanides and pesticides. Consult our complete list of validated flux analyses here.

iFLUX strengthens the exclusive collaboration with lab partner SGS to apply validated analysis packages on the iFLUX cartridges. Eearlier, during the Innovation Mandate of Agentschap Ondermenen, a successful collaboration with SGS as industrial co-supervisor developed. It is a privilege for us to work together with one of the world’s leaders in inspections, analyses, certificates and verifications. SGS is very active in the field of environmental management. And profiles itself as an innovative player that thinks along with its partners and clients to obtain the most qualitative results.

As the operational manager of the SGS lab in ‘s Gravenpolder, Rudi Herman is the driving force behind the successful validation of the iFLUX analyses. With years of experience and a wide range of analysis techniques, SGS developed a specific flux analysis method for each component. It was our goal to reach a minimal recovery of 95% per component to be able to guarantee our customers a qualitative flux result. Because of a close collaboration over the past months, we have succeeded in obtaining the desired analysis results.

The complete list of analysis packages can be downloaded below.

The story, however, does not end here. iFLUX and SGS think about the future and are currently working on the validation of a couple of new emerging contaminants like PFOS/PFAS analyses, cyanides and pesticides. From the moment we detect a specific need for flux analysis in the market, we can add new cartridges to our iFLUX package.