iFLUX selected to set up monitoring network in Antwerp

Posted on Monday 14 February 2022

It is becoming increasingly important for cities and towns to have a well thought-out water policy. 

City of Antwerp, one of the main port cities in Europe, is rolling out a water measurement network in this context.

iFLUX endorses their mission to guarantee water supply for the future and, as a Flemish, innovative groundwater technology player, invests in measuring and correctly analyzing the complex (ground)water systems.

To further improve their groundwater monitoring, city of Antwerp decided to work with iFLUX. iFLUX was assigned to further expand the water monitoring network of the city with  level meters for ponds and groundwater and a number of salinity meters. The project includes both sensor/datalogger hardware, preparation of the measurement plan, installation, data management, real-time data transmission and maintenance over a 4 year period and integration into the city’s data architecture.

Issues such as:

  • infiltration potential
  • rewetting efficiency
  • surface-groundwater interaction
  • ...

are now directly measurable by the iFLUX technology.

Why do cities work with iFLUX?

iFLUX has always focused on groundwater and thus gained experience with general precision fieldwork in the water domain and knowledge of the typical conditions under which such measurements are made. 

They combine their own developed real-time groundwater probes and passive flux samplers, to measure underground dynamics of both groundwater and contaminants, with other sensors to get a complete understanding of the (ground)water system.

Their experience with IoT, wireless data transmission, online quality checks together with the availability of in-house infrastructure to perform repairs, tests and calibrations enable iFLUX to deliver high quality insights to their customers.

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