INTERVIEW: iFLUX makes the transition to real-time digital groundwater monitoring

Posted on Thursday 28 April 2022

iFLUX is shifting its activities from more reactive monitoring to a digital system that allows for real-time groundwater monitoring. It enables customers to work preventatively on soil pollution, as well as on water issues more broadly. Co-founders, Goedele Verreydt and Tim Op’t Eyndt, were interviewed about this transition.

Since its establishment in 2017, VITO spin-off iFLUX has been offering solutions for determining the dynamics of groundwater flow and pollution in the soil. It does so based on innovative measurement technology combined with a targeted data analysis. These identify the speed and direction of groundwater and the pollution it contains using flux measurements. Today, this is mainly analogue (the pollutant fluxes are determined in monitoring tubes through adsorption and recovery processes, from which the effective fluxes in the soil are then extrapolated), but the ability to do this digitally too (remotely and in real-time) is a recent development.

Our co-founders, Goedele and Tim, are interviewed to share their perspective on digital groundwater monitoring.