Posted on Wednesday 19 August 2020

Spreading of solutes and contaminants in a groundwater system is important to understand. Exploration of speed and direction of subsoil contaminant spreading contributes to lower remediation costs for site owners, optimizes remediation design and strengthens environmental consultants in getting approval for a risk-based management approach of the contamination at hand. UK’s leading organization on contaminated site management  CL:AIRE dedicated their most recent INSPIRATION bulletin to the potential use of Passive Flux Monitoring.

CL:AIRE (Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments)  is a non-profit organization that raises awareness of practical and sustainable remediation technologies to stimulate the regeneration of contaminated land in the UK. Their independent position in the industry makes it ideal for them to identify and help manage the challenges ahead for the remediation sector.

iFLUX is proud to publish an article in CL:AIRE’s bulletin concerning an extensive flux monitoring campaign at an urban site in the Netherlands in 2019. It clearly describes how mass flux characterization of the plume was successfully performed with the iFLUX passive samplers. After several years of product validation and optimization, the samplers are proven to be a very practical and accurate tool to determine mass fluxes rather than estimate them based on snapshot concentration data that fluctuate in time.

The study depicts the first phase in an iterative project. Based on the information of this flux campaign, together with all time series of available traditional concentration data, source strength functions (SSF) are currently being determined, with the aim to predict the behaviour of the plume and therefore react much earlier in time. Whether a stable situation will be reached in the near future, whether remedial actions are still required to prevent from further spreading, or whether the site owner is able close site liabilities sooner than expected…  It is all about getting a faster insight and deciding earlier on measures and actions.

You can download the bulletin here.