Announcement: NEW SIZE Cartridges for measuring groundwater and mass fluxes in smaller monitoring wells

Posted on Tuesday 16 February 2021

We have an exciting announcement to make. Recently, we developed new sizes of cartridges to measure groundwater and mass fluxes and we updated one of our existing cartridges.

What’s new?

In the Benelux, 32/25mm monitoring wells are commonly used, so we often got the question to do flux measurements in these monitoring wells.

That’s why we developed our newest model ‘CART-23’. This model has a diameter of 23 mm and will be used for measuring groundwater and mass fluxes in monitoring wells of 32/25mm (external/internal diameter). 

With a narrower monitoring well, deflection of flow paths will be smaller than with larger diameter monitoring wells. This is taken into account when determining the alpha factor for the flux results.

The alpha factor is the ratio between the flux measured in the monitoring well and the effective flux in the soil. The calculation of alpha considers the permeability and thickness of each of the media through which the flux passes (cartridge, monitoring well trenches, gravel pack or filter pack and aquifer). 

Just like our existing cartridges, this new model contains pre-processed sorbents that capture the pollutants of interest. The contaminant fluxes in the groundwater are being determined through adsorption and recovery processes. Because of the smaller size of these new cartridges, the amount of sorbents inside is smaller, making the reporting range marginally smaller as well.

What can I measure with these smaller cartridges?

The smaller cartridges can be used to measure both groundwater flux as well as mass fluxes of contaminants.

However, it is not possible to determine groundwater flow direction with cartridges of this size. And, for now, this model is not available in combination with the PFAS analysis package. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a project in which this combination is necessary. We are open to develop it when demand is high enough.

What else?

The CART-39 model is one of our most commonly used models. We updated the existing model CART-39 for monitoring wells of 50/41mm (external/internal diameter) to be used for multi-level measurements, which wasn’t possible in these well sizes before.

Click on the image below for the complete overview of available sizes, including these updates:

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