Both before, during and after the launch of IFLUX we never underestimated the importance of good mentors and the right partners. iFLUX has been lucky to be surrounded by the right people and expertise.


In 2022, iFLUX received a prestigious grant from the European Innovation Council (EIC). This ‘accelerator grant’ stimulates companies to be able to bring their unique technology and solutions to market more quickly. In our case, this involves the digital, real-time monitoring technology. Over the term of the grant (2022-24), we're aiming to digitalize our service provision further and reduce our distance to customers. iFLUX became a proud partner of the European Union.
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SGS is the lab partner of iFLUX. In this exclusive collaboration SGS provides the validated analysis packages for the iFLUX cartridges. SGS is one of the world's largest companies in the field of inspections, analyses, certificates and verifications. SGS is very active in the domain of environmental management. That is why it presents itself as an innovative partner that thinks along with iFLUX and its customers to obtain the most qualitative results.
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Imagine H20

We are excited to announce that we have been selected to participate in Imagine H2O’s 2023 Accelerator Program. As the leading water innovation accelerator, this program will unlock resources, insight, and visibility to launch and scale our solution. The Imagine H2O Accelerator equips early-stage water entrepreneurs with resources to develop their solutions, commercialize their technologies, and enter new markets.
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Cyclopure is one of the partners of iFLUX for the production of PFAS cartridges. It is a leading innovator in the field of water purification technologies. That is why they are an ideal partner for iFLUX in the development of cartridges for emerging contaminants.
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Nitrate contamination of groundwater, and drinking water, is increasingly becoming an issue worldwide due to the overuse of fertilisers and subsequent leaching. This issue is prevalent in areas of agricultural intensification. To manage nitrate contaminations we partnered up with HydroMetrics. They developed a real-time sensor for measuring nitrate - nitrogen concentrations in monitoring wells.
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AquaTerra has over 10 years of experience with groundwater and surface water monitoring. They work with several technologies to always have a device that is suitable for the environmental situation at hand. As an iFLUX partner in Poland they advice on the use of the iFLUX technology and distribute it.
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Universiteit Antwerpen

Within the department ECOBE(Ecosystem Management) of the University of Antwerp, our founder Goedele led a research team that developed and validated the current iFLUX products. Even today, the University of Antwerp is a reliable research partner and several researchers continue to work on the topic of using flux measurements in multiple sectors and different application areas, in particular wetland management. Water fluxes can be important in all aquatic ecosystems.
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VITO (the Flemish institute for technological research) is a leading European and independent research organization in the domain of cleantech and sustainable development. Both Goedele and Tim have gained experience during their respective careers in the unit of Environmental Management. The iFLUX research projects were supervised by experienced scientists from VITO, with expertise in the sector and a sense of legislation. They offered an ideal framework to facilitate applied research and to guide the exploration of the market.
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The French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks (Ineris) is an industrial and commercial public establishment under the aegis of the Ministry of the Environment. Ineris was commissioned by the French government to carry out a validation project (PASSIFLUX 2016-2019) to investigate the user-friendliness and added value of flux measurements. The iFLUX technology emerged as the most user-friendly and relevant option and was included in a code of good practice concerning flux measurements in France.
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For the quality of flux measurements, it is crucial that the measuring instruments are closely fitting in the monitoring wells where they are installed. ZiggZagg has therefore been the 3D printing partner of iFLUX right from the start. The ZiggZagg technology and service makes it possible to quickly obtain very high-quality custom-made parts. They also contribute to our R&D department by producing highly complex parts.
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