iFLUX combines their unique technology, expertise and digitalization for correctly measuring and analyzing the complex water and groundwater systems. 

iFLUX delivers the next generation water monitoring solutions, based on a real-time IoT sensor network and integrated data system, using artificial intelligence to improve environmental risk assessment by visualizing and integrating the dynamics of groundwater and groundwater pollution.

In order to tackle groundwater challenges, iFLUX combines 3 key expertise areas to deliver a unique value proposition.

The iFLUX core competencies

  • Soil- and groundwater expertise
  • Unique patented technology
  • Digitalization and data management

Soil- and Groundwater Expertise

iFLUX envisions the importance of clean and available groundwater. As a Flemish, innovative groundwater technology player we are specialized in measuring and correctly analyzing the complex (ground) water systems. Challenges such as infiltration potential, rewetting efficiency and surface-groundwater interaction are now directly measurable by iFLUX technology.

Originated from the soil remediation market, iFLUX focuses on the role of underground dynamics to have a complete understanding of these challenges, which is crucial for efficiently and effectively solving all groundwater related challenges.

iFLUX exceptional groundwater & soil dynamics expertise feeds the smart groundwater system and their projects with insights and data integration to delivery quality input.

Unique Patented Technology

Current monitoring relies on water levels and snap shot concentrations while flow and pollution fluxes are the missing link, responsible for the highest uncertainties in modelling predictions and future scenarios. That is why iFLUX developed their own patented technologies for measuring groundwater fluxes.

  • iFLUX Sampling: The Passive Flux Meter, that can be installed in existing monitoring wells, measures groundwater and mass fluxes of over 127 contaminants over a period of time.
  • iFLUX Sensing: Our core technology is the newly developed groundwater sensing probe which monitors in low-flow conditions. The data from this sensor is then combined with water level data, infiltration rates and/or pollution measurements to give valuable insights to customers. The ability to detect groundwater fluxes in a range of 1-500 cm/day, multidirectional, makes it unique in the market. 

The iFLUX solutions reduce response times, anticipate pollution and prevent related risks of both contamination and drought.

Digitalization and data management

The installation of a network of groundwater sensors, in combination with a data calibration and interpretation dashboard enables industries, environmental consultants and public authorities to control the water status more intensively at micro- and macro-scale and directly assess the impact of taken measures. 

iFLUX offer cost-effective water risk management solutions. By storing different correlated data sources (weather, levels, etc.) in real-time, associated threats and pollution are made visible instantly and remotely to reduce the maintenance and on-site fieldwork cost. 

The visualization in an online dashboard calibrates data and indicates what the risk is and where the risk is coming from and going to. 

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