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iFLUX - Monitoring groundwater dynamics

Technology and expertise for data-driven groundwater management and soil remediation

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We continually develop and implement cutting-edge technologies and solutions for monitoring groundwater flux, striving to stay at the forefront of environmental science and data analysis.

Water Stewardship

We are deeply committed to protecting and preserving groundwater resources. We are dedicated to responsible and sustainable management.


With a team of experts in hydrogeology, data analysis, and environmental science, the company values their deep knowledge and expertise. They see themselves as trusted authorities in the field of groundwater preservation.

In a world where only a small portion of our water is suitable for consumption, groundwater plays a crucial role. Sustainable groundwater management is essential to secure reliable drinking water supplies and protect the environment.

Our mission is to actively contribute to addressing the growing water issue by continuously innovating measurement techniques, offering profound expertise and experience in the remediation and groundwater monitoring sectors, and collaborating with like-minded partners and clients who share the same objective.

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iFLUX: Making groundwater dynamics visible

We enable optimal groundwater management based on objective data. At iFLUX, we combine state-of-the-art measurements with in-depth expertise to produce actionable insights. 

The outcome: productive collaborations with partners and clients who share our goals for more efficient remediation and insightful groundwater monitoring.

iFLUX Sensing Solutions

Monitoring networks for real-time insights into groundwater flows

iFLUX integrates leading commercial sensors and external data with our unique vertical and horizontal flux sensors, creating the most effective digital monitoring networks. These networks deliver real-time insights for the optimization of your groundwater-related activities. From on-site installation to comprehensive dashboarding for actionable insights, iFLUX takes full responsibility for your digital groundwater network's implementation.

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iFLUX Samplers

Measuring contamination dynamics for more effective remediation

The iFLUX samplers enable faster and more cost-efficient remediation projects, by measuring groundwater and contaminant movement over time. Groundwater and mass flux results provide soil experts with the key insights they need to reduce the risk and uncertainty of soil contamination management.

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How can we help

Water Companies

We implement monitoring networks that provide accurate real-time data and digital insights into the companies' most crucial capacity buffer: groundwater.

Infrastructure & Construction

We provide insights to perform activities responsibly and demonstrate the effectiveness of the measures taken. This minimizes the effects on surrounding water levels and the spread of pollutants.

Nature Management

We expose the real and often hidden dynamics of our natural hydrogeological systems and show how adjustments can be made to optimize conditions for nature at minimal cost.

Urban Areas

We assist regional governments (often in cities) in understanding how to prevent their cities from drying up or flooding as weather conditions become more extreme and quantifying the effects of measures taken.


Our team of experts utilizes advanced techniques to remediate every soil. We aim to ensure that groundwater flows in its purest form, preserving life-sustaining potential for future generations.

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