World leading companies are adopting groundwater monitoring technologies

Posted on Tuesday 14 February 2023

California faces stark challenges with water. After an extended drought, California was hit by floods starting at the end of 2022. Climate change and drought results in fundamental changes to the earth worldwide, increasing the difficulty of replenishing groundwater.

Groundwater is a critical a resource for drinking water and irrigation, as well as for many industries such as manufacturing, mining, agriculture and more. Across the globe, groundwater is under pressure from over-extraction, climate change, and contamination. The simple fact that it is underground makes it exceptionally difficult to manage, and solutions often only come after problems have already settled in.

Proper monitoring of drought, floods and groundwater recharge will make it possible in the future to anticipate problems and act upon them proactively.

Imagine H2O, the San Francisco-based water technology accelerator, has included iFLUX, a Belgian company with expertise in groundwater, in their 2023 cohort to meet such challenges in collaboration with some of the world’s largest water companies.

Some technology adopting partners include Xylem, American Water, Suez, Arcadis, utilities such California Water Service and global food and farming players including The Wonderful Company and Driscoll’s and Jain Irrigation Systems

iFLUX is one of a kind in this program. It is the first Belgian company in there and the first company ever in the program with a focus on groundwater. With solutions that enable real-time groundwater monitoring, iFLUX is the first company that can actually follow-up groundwater recharges and monitor the water balance this accurately. The technology adopters will be introduced to the iFLUX technology in the next coming months to start adopting real-time groundwater monitoring in their day-to-day businesses.