Real-time accurate groundwater monitoring

As the industry leader in groundwater monitoring we gained experience in the field, working together with environmental consultants, governments, industries, ... 

We often see how data gets measured without a proper interpretation. That is why we offer monitoring solutions where we combine relevant data into useful insights for our customers.

Why choose iFLUX?

  • Real-time sensors reduce response times and enable proactive groundwater management.
  • We have experience with several types of sensors, including our own developed groundwater flux sensors.
  • For each groundwater challenge we offer monitoring solutions tailored to your needs and budget.
  • We calibrate the sensors ourselves to guarantee high quality measurements.
  • By post-processing and translating data based on our groundwater expertise we deliver information instead of raw data.

Water Flow

Our newly developed groundwater sensing probe monitors flow conditions, combining water levels and infiltration rates. The ability to detect groundwater fluxes in the range of 0,5-500 cm/day, multidirectional, makes it unique in the market. 

The groundwater flux sensing probe, invented and patented by iFLUX, is the heart of our innovation. It is unique since it is the first technology in the world to measure in real-time subsoil dynamics. Subsoil also refers to handling low detection limits in flow and in mass flux. The design is optimized for capturing the best out of these apparent slow-moving systems. 

This groundwater sensing reveals unprecedented dynamics, which is disruptive for groundwater systems monitoring and crucial to include groundwater as an essential part of the water system.

  • Real-time groundwater movement
  • Continuous 3D flow patterns
  • High sensitivity
  • Measuring range between 0,5 and 500 cm/day.
  • Measurement via microfluid thermal flow chip

Water Quality

We work with several water quality sensors to monitor water quality ranging from monitoring nitrate to conductivity of groundwater. 

Even when we purchase sensors, we want to deliver optimal quality. That is why we test every sensor before we actually use it in a project. We validate its general functionality, sensitivity, data storage and transmission in our lab and in the field.

  • Nitrate 
  • Conductivity (CTD sensors)
  • Multiparameters: PH, conductivity, oxygen level, ...

Water Level

For the continuous measurement of water level, pressure and temperature, we work with water level monitoring solutions to suit every project and budget.  We are independent of the water level logger manufacturers which enables us to always select the optimal sensor. Depending on the need of the project, we always look for a level sensor that matches the required detection limit.

  • Wide range of detection limits
  • Manufacturer independent
  • Tailored to your project

Soil Moisture

We use a datalogger which offers a great possibility to measure air and soil temperature as well as soil moisture thanks to three temperature sensors and one soil moisture sensor. Its high capacity lithium battery has a lifespan of approximately 10 years. Each sensor works autonomous and requires minimal maintenance. It facilitates long-term measurements over large special areas in harsh conditions.

The soil sensor is connected via an NBIoT communication logger. Once a day the collected data is transmitted to our database for analysis and visualization in your personal dashboard. 

  • IoT
  • Drought
  • Used in the biggest citizen science project
    about heat and drought ever (5000 measuring locations)

Real-time Monitoring

Sensor data is automatically transmitted and managed towards our secured data platform. 

Each type of sensor is equipped with a site-specific data logger and telemetric communication system (Lora Wan, NB IoT, 4/5G,…). Remote locations are tested on connectivity and low-power solutions are foreseen to guarantee continuous data feeds and low-maintenance on-site. 

Real-time visualisation reduces response times when certain limit values are exceeded or when an incident occurs and even enables our customers to take proactive measures.

  • Reliable telemetry
  • Continuous data access
  • Proactive groundwater monitoring

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