How does flux sampling of groundwater contamination work?

The iFLUX Sampler measures the movement of the amount of water and mass in the saturated zone. This unique technology  can simultaneously measure groundwater and mass fluxes.

Traditional concentration measurements are snap shots and can vary in time due to dynamic processes like sorption, tidal influence, degradation, backdiffusion… The iFLUX sampler captures these dynamics and variations in time.

What are iFLUX samplers used for?

  • Include underground dynamics and variation in time

  • Determine strength of source zones

  • Identify preferential pathways

  • Prevent risks to receptors now and in future

What are iFLUX samplers?

The iFLUX sampler is based on the principle of the passive flux meter . It can measure groundwater and contaminant fluxes simultaneously. These dynamic measurements go further than the typical concentration measurements and provide more information. The measuring period can range from a couple of weeks to even a couple of months instead of the typical snap shot other measuring techniques offer.

The design of the iFLUX technology takes into account the con- or divergency of the stream paths entering the well and iFLUX sampler.

How does it work?

Water flux cartridges contain a set of water soluble resident tracers that independently leach into the groundwater according to the flow conditions. 

Mass flux cartridges contain pre-processed sorbents that capture the pollutants of interest. The contaminant fluxes in the groundwater are being determined through adsorption and recovery processes. 

Our current offer is able to capture 90% of the most common contaminations in the field of agriculture, industry and water management.

New cartridges to add missing parameters are worked on for future improvements. So if there's a parameter missing for your project, don't hesistate to reach out to us.

Where to use iFLUX samplers?

The iFLUX technology is designed to deliver reliable data of horizontal and vertical groundwater and contaminant fluxes. The technology is validated and patented. The samplers are designed to be reproducable and easy to use. 

The current sampler product range can be used to measure in a variety of set-ups

  • Groundwater wells (diameter 25 mm to > 150 mm)
  • River bed (SBPFM)  or to measure vertical flow 
  • Tree wells
  • Other applications will be developed in function of the market demand

Why iFLUX samplers?

In (conceptual) site models fluxes are often estimated based on concentration, characteristics of the product and an estimation of hydrogeological conditions. iFLUX allows to measure the flux in the field. This leads to more certainty and a (conceptual) site model that approaches reality more closely.

What results can I expect?

We deliver clear tables and visualizations of the pollutant and groundwater fluxes in the FLUXeye application. Environmental experts can directly use these reliable data to determine the dispersion risks and further elaborate on the remediation case.

Visit our the FLUXeye application for free and discover what results you can expect after an iFLUX monitoring campaign.

You will find an example iFLUX report, multiple case studies about successful iFLUX applications and more information about the flux methodology and how a project is practically completed.

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