iFLUX celebrates 100th project!

Posted on Thursday 12 August 2021


It is a number to be proud of.

It is the amount of projects where iFLUX added additional insights by providing flux data of groundwater and contaminant movement.

It is the amount of times we helped reducing remediation costs, the amount of times we improved the groundwater model based on objective data and the amount of times we wrote a clear report for our customers.

It is also a number that has helped us grow.

Each project we did helped us to improve our customer service, helped us to improve the quality of our reporting and even helped us in our R&D journey.

We came a long way. 4 years ago, we still had to start our very first project. 

Now, 4 years later, we are celebrating our 100th project.

It’s crazy to look at what we came from and how much our service and company has grown.

  • We are currently active in over 12 countries
  • We met with some of the most talented researchers to validate the iFLUX products 
  • And even developed a digital sensor for real-time measurements of groundwater fluxes that is currently being tested in numerous pilot projects
  • Over 40 customers trust us with their groundwater projects, and we could not thank them enough for their eagerness to learn and innovate with us

So let us celebrate and then we are ready for the next 100 projects…

Is your groundwater challenge one of them?


Contact us at info@ifluxsampling.com