iFLUX offers key expertise and services for integrated groundwater management to support site remediation, smart agriculture, effective restoration and water industry & infrastructure

iFLUX helps its customers finding solutions for groundwater challenges by measuring and interpreting the underground dynamics. That way our customers save time, manage risks accordingly and reduce costs substantially. Measuring the quality and quantity of water in-situ and real-time leads to a better understanding of underground dynamics and allows to refine and improve calibration of site models. This results in more realistic evaluation of risks and prediction of different scenarios.

What services can you expect?

iFLUX offers services for site remediation, agriculture, land restoration and water infrastructure projects.

By integrating IoT sensors and multiparameter sampling technology with an online real-time dashboard, iFLUX's solutions are able to change the tedious and inefficient groundwater monitoring approach. By combining available data, flux measurements and our expertise, iFLUX  offers solutions to determine spreading risks, monitor nitrate run-off, manage nature conservation, monitor saltwater intrusion.

Site Remediation

iFLUX technology makes it possible to understand the evolution of groundwater contaminants in time and space. The technology characterizes the contamination, taking into account the underground dynamics. This results in a better understanding and in more comprehensive conceptual site models.

This information is used to quantify risks, to manage the contamination, to efficiently and effectively design and follow up  remediations and even to realise closure of the project in time with maximal certainty and minimal risks.

  • Determine spreading risk
  • Optimize remedial design
  • Shorten after-care monitoring


Water is an indispensable source and raw material for agriculture. Pressure on groundwater means that less water is available for the crops. This makes efficient use of it even more important. That's where iFLUX comes in. To manage water use, improve efficiency of fertilization, to prevent nitrogen loss and to prevent nitrate leaching into ground- and surface water iFLUX measures movement and quality of groundwater. The measured data is used as input to come to comprehensive water management solutions that are often nature based, with optimal (re)use of water and preservation of the water quality.

  • Ensure water supply
  • Monitor nitrate run-off
  • Manage water drainage and irrigation

Land restoration

Drought is no longer a problem of the south. It is becoming painfully clear that the pressure on fresh water is also increasing in Europe. Both quantity and quality of water are threatened. iFLUX offers solutions to manage and control these risks. 

We quantify the exchange between different layers and interfaces of water (e.g. between surface water and groundwater or saltwater and fresh water…). That way, environmental change can be managed with tailored actions. And the effectiveness of the taken measures can be monitored.

A direct consequence of the increasing drought is salinization. iFLUX technology allows smart groundwater management to protect our freshwater supplies, to safeguard the boundaries between fresh and salt water, to prevent salt water from intruding in fresh water areas and to develop and monitor mitigation measurements.

  • Guide nature conservation
  • Manage drought risks
  • Screen diffuse pollution
  • Control salt water intrusion


Water is under pressure and the water industry is in transition to reduce the use and re-use of water. With the population growth, the need for water grows as well. Innovative solutions are necessary to  answer to this high demand. 

iFLUX technology allows to monitor quality and quantity of water and strives for smart management of groundwater and related infrastructure with an optimal return to the water industry and the entire ecosystem.

Especially the dewatering industry is in search for more automated and energy-efficient solutions to dewater construction sites and to re-circulate or infiltrate pumped groundwater for irrigation or restoration.

  • Circular groundwater use
  • Determine infiltration capacity
  • Monitor environmental impact
  • Smart dewatering systems


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