iFLUX Sensing

Real-time monitoring of groundwater flow and direction

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Contaminated sites are a societal and environmental liability. A better understanding and continuous control of contaminant spreading underground is urgent.

Mass flux and mass discharge data provide a new level of information on the sources and transport  of groundwater contaminations.

iFLUX provides services to:

  • Calculate source strength
  • Optimize remediation design
  • Shorten after care monitoring
  • Manage your environmental liabilities


Construction and mining industries are in search for innovative, cost-effective and safe solutions to manage  groundwater.

Real-time groundwater flux data will provide essential information during investigation, design, installation and operation of groundwater control and dewatering systems.

iFLUX provides services to:

  • Set up smart dewatering systems
  • Investigate local infiltration capacity


Insensive agricultural production is a threat to groundwater quality due to nitrate leaching from soils to groundwater and extensive groundwater abstraction.

Farmers rely on groundwater to help them produce and operate their daily businesses, so they have to close the loop to secure future food production.

iFLUX provides services to:

  • Monitor diffuse spreading of environmental contaminants
  • Manage groundwater depletion
  • Set-up smart drainage systems


Groundwater scarcity and pollution threatens the aquatic ecosystem and disrupts the ecological balance of the earth.

Groundwater is an essential, but underestigmated element in the total Water Cycle. To enable future climate-proof ecosystems we must have a better understanding of the groundwater dynamics, over time and spatially.

iFLUX provides services to:

  • Estimate (ground)water retention potential to bridge periods of drought
  • Forecast and manage groundwater supply and limitations
  • Investigate large-scale water infiltration capacity

iFLUX customers:

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The development of iFLUX Sensing


To monitor and protect groundwater as a scarce resource, it's crucial to understand how water, solvents and contaminants move underground.

That's exactly what iFLUX does.

We measure the underground dynamics with flux measurements. This data can then be used to reduce remediation costs, to optimize remediation design, to assess risks, to proof plume stability, ...

iFLUX first launched its passive samplers, a patented solution, to measure contaminant mass flux and water flux. 



Currently we're organizing pilots to test the applicability of the digital sensor. One of these pilots is briefly described here:


On a site in Ghent (Belgium) former activities from an old tard and asphalt factory caused contamination with PAH, mineral oil and aromatics.

To avoid further spreading of these contaminants towards the river nearby (Lieve), they decided to install reactive enbankment mats.


Reactive mats are a nature based remediation technique, using micro-organisms and natural materials to control residual pollution.

The mats are designed to keep contamination out of the river. But the correct dimensioning of the mats has a huge impact on their effectiveness. Understanding the groundwater flux and flow helped in assessing how the remediation would be optimized.


In this project, a combination of passive flux measurements (iFLUX Sampling) and digital measurements (iFLUX Sensing) was used to get an understanding of how the groundwater and contaminants entered the river. This data was used to optimize the dimensioning of the mats (where to place them, thickness, ...).