iFLUX at International Water Association (IWA) World Water Congress 2022 

Posted on Thursday 01 September 2022

Groundwater is at the heart of many water-intensive processes. It is central to the irrigation of farms, it can be the water supply for industries like breweries or mining, and, not least, it is often drawn upon as the principal resource for drinking water. The best-in-class approach to groundwater management is measure, model, monitor and repeat, with interventions only when a red flag is raised. Each step introduces costs and can be effort intensive, and although the end result is often a high quality model and management program, as the adage goes, “all models are wrong, some are useful.”

Do you want to really know the groundwater dynamics, to decrease costs and reduce risks?

 Unique iFLUX sensing technology measures groundwater flux, underground and online. The sensors return the speed and direction of the flow of groundwater, and combined with other sensors and monitoring regimes, these sensors deliver an unprecedented clarity around groundwater quantity, quality and dynamics. This can contribute to fewer measurements in high-risk sites, faster and cheaper clean-up of contaminants, and insurance premiums more grounded in reality. The iFLUX flux sensors convert critical unknowns into dynamic knowns. 

iFLUX solutions at IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition, September 2022 in Copenhagen.

 During this edition of the International Water Associations World Water Congress - from 11 to 15 September in Copenhagen, Denmark - you could follow our presentation and make a chat with us at our booth!  The World Water Congress & Exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark brings together water professionals working on water-consuming industry, agriculture, architecture and urban planning, hydrology and soil and groundwater expertise, social sciences and others. This year, the main focus is on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and more specifically SDG6, which emphasizes water and sanitation.

For more information, please visit worldwatercongress.org